Weekend update: music, sewing

I love nearly all  kinds of music.  I have not become an opera fan as of yet.   This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend 2 different musical events.   

Friday night I attended the Hometown Opry.  The first half of the show was country music, and the second half of the show was Christmas tunes. I was a door prize winner, and I made some new friends, so I think it was a very enjoyable evening.

 Saturday afternoon I attended the Christmas Revels.  This is the first year I attended this annual event.  This years production was titled The Christmas Revels 2007 an American Celebration of the Winter Solstice with Appalachian Music, Dance, Song and Storytelling.  I really enjoyed this production, so I think I will attend their Revel’s Houston Sixth Annual Wake in January 2008.

I have completed a few more of the log cabin blocks that I was working on last weekend.  log cabin blockslog cabin blocksLog Cabin blocks

Here is a litte bit of history that I learned about the log cabin block:  1) the center is typically red signifying the hearth of the home 2) the light side is the sunny side of the house 3) the dark side is the shady side of the house.  I  hope that this doesn’t go in the UFO closet before I start another project.  I’ll try to at least get a few blocks done every week.  So now I’m off for some Christmas shopping.

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Baking cookies

I baked cookies tonight.  I was planning to bake on Sunday,  but I didn’t want to stop sewing to bake the cookies.  Well, the cookies are really yummy!  They are called Peanut Butter Brownie Cookies.  I would make them smaller, say 36 cookies instead of 24, and I don’t think the icing is really necessary.  The cookies are sweet enough the icing.  If you don’t use a non-stick cookie sheet, spray a little cooking spray on the pan to help keep them from sticking.

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Why oh why?

This is the first blog for me.  I have two reasons for starting a blog:  1) I want to participate in the Take it Further Challenge from Sharon B’s,  In a Minute ago blog, 2) I have been reading some other people’s blogs, and I have decided to give it a try.  This appears to be an easy way to be share and inform others of your interests and artistic explorations.